Adrienne Haan


Adrienne Haan: RTL Television Portrait: A Luxembourger in NYC

Adrienne Haan: New York, New York – Ihre persönliche Hommage an den Big Apple

Adrienne Haan: Timeless Songs from the Silver Screen

Tehorah (טהורה) – a staged film-noir (with subtitles)

Tehorah (טהורה) – Orchestra Trailer

Adrienne Haan’s: Till The End Of Time (with solo piano @ Philharmonie Luxembourg)

Adrienne Haan: ONE WORLD – A Variety Show in 13 Languages

Adrienne Haan: Voluptuous Weimar – A Tribute To Berlin’s Golden Age

Adrienne Haan: Tehorah – טהורה (live at Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall)

Adrienne Haan: Best Of Musical Orchestra Trailer

Adrienne Haan: Chansons D’Amour – A Symphonic Tribute To The French Chanson

Adrienne Haan & Bart Shatto: A Tribute To Irving Berlin

Adrienne Haan: Margo & Juliette – cited “the hottest hit show in New York right now”

Adrienne Haan: White Christmas At The Triad – A Tribute To Irving Berlin

Adrienne Haan: A Tribute To Irving Berlin And His Close Ties To Luxembourg